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(Rails, JQuery, Node JS, Ruby, HTML, CSS, Swift, MySQL.)

Role: Lead UI/UX Designer & Back-End Developer

Winner of the first ever French Tech Ticket (2016). A full-featured website and mobile app for iOS that brings artists from all disciplines together. Find potential collaborators for projects, and post your own portfolio.

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Zumic Ticketfiller

(Python, PHP, Bash, HTML, CSS)

Role: Lead Developer

This project involved updating and refactoring an existing back-end program for a music blog that aggregates and posts concerts through various APIs and databases.


(Sinatra, Ruby, HTML, CSS)

My interpretation of the classic code-breaking game mastermind. The create method of play implements a simple AI that guesses any four-color code, based on feedback it is given.

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(Rails, Ruby, HTML, CSS, JQuery)

A photo tagging-style app with a retro twist! Find Waldo, Wenda, and the Wizard in this large beach scene.

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(Canvas, HTML, CSS, JQuery)

The classic arcade game missile with a graphics downgrade but a rainbow fireworks upgrade! Implemented entirely in Canvas.

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(HTML, CSS, JQuery)

Everyone's favorite slithery classic, implemented entirely in JQuery.

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Infinite Scroll (GoT style)

(HTML, CSS, JQuery)

A JQuery implementation of the ever-present infinite scroll, but better because it features Khaleesi and Jon Snow.

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Dominique Star's career as a developer began as a child in the mid 90s, when she accidentally deleted the sound on her mom's Windows 95 computer (don't ask her how). After a short but illustrious career modding the Sims and the infant-simulator Babyz, she retired to the Geocities universe, living a simpler life. Between then and now, she attended Columbia University, graduating in 2013, and spent several years as a songwriter and occasional cheesemonger.

In 2015, she was accepted to the inagural French Tech Ticket program for her startup idea, Inspiro. This re-ignited her passion for code, and ever since she has been working non-stop to hone her skills as a full-stack developer. Her background in the arts makes her uniquely suited to both front-end and back-end projects.

Dreamcatcher images courtesy of Julieta7599